Rescuers Save Dog Stuck in Frozen New York State Pond

Frewsburg Fire Company

A tale of firefighters and ice saving man's best friend.

Firefighters in an Upstate New York town had to hit the ice and save a dog that was trapped in a frozen pond, People reported.

The border collie was stuck on a frozen pond Wednesday in Frewsburg, in the town of Carroll, New York, after getting its hind legs caught in the ice, Eerie News Now reported.

Rescue crews hit the scene and the ice to save the dog as the Frewsburg Fire Department noted on their Facebook page.

"At 7:47 am we were dispatched to a report of a dog that had partially fallen through the ice on a pond," the fire department wrote on Facebook. “Crews were quick to respond and were able to safely rescue the family pet. The owners report he is warm and back to his normal self. Job well done by everyone involved!!”

"He saw them and got excited," firefighter Nick Niles told the Jamestown Post-Journal. "He was able to crawl out to them. The ice was very thin and then they were able to get him."

The dog, named Tux, is back at home safe and sound.

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