Residents of Miami Condominium Evacuated From Building After It Was Deemed Unsafe

Miami, Florida
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The eight-story, 138-unit building was evacuated early Monday after the building failed its 40-year re-certification.

Residents of a Miami condominium were forced to evacuate early Monday after the building was declared unsafe and officials are scrambling to help find more than 100 displaced residents temporary shelter.

The 138-unit condominium located at Northwest 7th Street was fully evacuated by 8 a.m. Tuesday after failing its re-certification test this Monday. according to local reports.

Staff received a violation notice on July 7, and this week the Building Department found the "columns to be structurally insufficient," CBS Miami reported. 

Dairon Deramico, one of the building's tenants, told CBS Miami that "We don't know where we are going to go. The city is saying they are going to give us a place, maybe for a couple of weeks or a few days. I don't know what's going to happen."

The chief of staff for Commissioner Alex De La Portilla is working alongside the city to find hotel rooms for the families with nowhere to go. The city says it will also cover the cost of the rooms until the building is deemed safe again.

The emergency evacuation comes six weeks after a Miami-Dade condominium suddenly collapsed, killing 97 people. All high-rise buildings 40 years or older are being called for inspections.

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