Restaurant Employee Helps Injured Vet With Meal in Heartwarming Video

Without being asked, the woman walked over to the man and cut his food for him.

A restaurant employee went above and beyond to help an injured veteran struggling with his food, stopping what she was doing to cut the man’s meal for him, a widely-shared video shows.

Dallas Smith Jr. was on his way home from work when he stopped to eat at a Huddle House in Douglas, Ga., he told

There, he was struck by what he described as an act of kindness.

As an elderly man sitting with a younger man struggled with the food he was served, both the diner he was with and an employee of the restaurant rushed to help.

“The older man had one arm bandaged, and with the one hand he was working with, he was trying to get his pancakes cut,” Smith said. “The young man reached over to help him, but the cook behind the counter said, 'Hold on one sec, I’ll get that for you.'"

The woman walked over to the man and cut his food for him, telling the other customer to eat his own meal.

“She wasn’t doing it for a show,” Smith said. “I’m a Christian, and I’ve seen Jesus through her, what she did. This day and age, you don’t see people doing stuff like that.”

Smith recorded as she helped the man with his meal and posted the video on Facebook, where it was been watched more than 186,000 times.

“I was looking at what she was doing, and that touched my heart,” he said. “She did it so humbly. She wasn’t looking for recognition.”

Smith said he has since spoken with the family of the man in the video, who told him he is a U.S. veteran who was recently injured while trying to intervene in a domestic dispute.

Smith said he has also spoken with the employee who helped the veteran.

“She said, ‘I really don’t like being recorded — but if it’s going to be a blessing to someone, it’s okay,’” he said. “She’s a perfect example of what the Bible teaches us to be like. If everyone was more like her, I don’t think we’d have many problems.”