Retired Cop Hopes to Reunite With Baby He Helped Deliver 25 Years Ago

The retired detective never forgot the baby he helped deliver.

A retired NYPD officer is looking for a baby he helped deliver 25 years ago. 

Det. Angel Maysonet helped with the baby girl’s birth in the Bronx in 1994, calling it one of the highlights of his career.

He was on an overnight patrol shift when he got a call about a woman in labor and rushed to the apartment to find her giving birth in her living room, he told ABC News

Maysonet witnessed the baby’s entire birth and watched the woman’s sister cut the umbilical cord. 

He told news outlet, “We were dumbfounded that this happened.”

It was something he never forgot. Another cop on patrol was able to snap a photo as Maysonet carried the baby downstairs.

Now, Maysonet, a father of three, is hoping to meet that baby girl. 

“25 years later, he’s still wondering how she’s doing,” NYPD News tweeted. “Help us reunite them!”


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