NYPD Officers Buy Winter Gloves for Kids Having Snowball Fight Without Proper Gloves

The cops even challenged them to a snowball fight.

Kids need proper winter gloves to play in the snow, so when three NYPD officers spotted a group wearing rubber surgical gloves and socks on their hands to make snowballs, they went out and bought them some proper snow gear.

Detective Kaz Daughtry, Officer John Dorrejo and Officer Richard Russo were patrolling in East New York during Wednesday's nor’easter when they spotted a group of seven or eight kids trying to have a snowball fight.

Taking a short break from their patrol, the trio decided to join in on the fun, challenging them to a snowball fight, kids vs. cops.

“We just want to have fun with them and let them know we are here to have fun with them,” Russo said. “It’s a snow day. If you want to have a snowball fight, don’t be afraid to throw a snowfall fight.

Even though the kids won by a landslide, the three officers couldn't help but notice they didn't have the right equipment for their snow day.

“We noticed one of the kids had blue plastic surgical gloves,” Daughtry told InsideEdition.com. “We got out of the car and we asked them, 'Where are your gloves at?' and the kid said they didn’t have any."

After the snowball fight, the three officers decided to pop over to the store, and buy them all new gloves.

"The kids were happy — the mom was grateful," Russo said. "It was priceless. They were all so happy."

He explained it was part of the NYPD's push to encourage kids to have positive relationships with police officers.

"One of the kids said, 'I just want to be like you guys,' because they saw us having fun," Daughtry said. "To come to work for the greatest police department and have fun on a snow day is priceless."