Riders Drop 34 Feet After Terrifying Florida Roller Coaster Derailment

Roller coaster derailment
A fun-filled day at the boardwalk turned to turmoil Thursday when a Florida roller coaster derailed mid-ride. Handout

A fun-filled day at a Florida beach boardwalk turned to turmoil Thursday when a roller coaster derailed mid-ride.

Harrowing photos from the incident show the mangled cars of the ride hanging precariously at a Daytona Beach amusement park.

Two riders fell 34 feet to the ground and 10 people had to be rescued after they were left dangling from their restraints, according to the Daytona Beach Fire Department.

"Daytona Beach Firefighters in the process of rescuing riders from rollercoaster accident at Boardwalk," the department wrote on Twitter, along with dramatic footage of the response.

The ejected riders were reportedly hurt, but the extent of the injuries was not clear.

Officials said they are continuing to investigate the cause of the derailment. 


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