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The Rise of 'Bird Box' and Its Infinite Parodies, Memes

Chances are if you've watched "Bird Box," you’ve seen one of the endless sets of memes, parodies or challenges the Netflix smash has spawned.

On social media, it's nearly inescapable, even if you're wearing a blindfold.

Chances are if you've watched "Bird Box," you’ve seen one of the endless sets of memes, parodies or challenges the Netflix smash has spawned.

No spoilers — "Bird Box" stars Sandra Bullock as Malorie. The movie begins as the mother-to-be manages to escape an unknown creature that causes everyone who sees it to take their own lives. To protect herself, she dons a blindfold and spends much of the movie with her eyes covered. 

The film has led many to mimic it, doing everyday things while blindfolded, in what's being called the "Bird Box" challenge.

Michelle Fortin and Leeann Dearing are two mothers who couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. Calling their parody “Mom Box,” they are fighting to survive a different set of monsters — their kids. "We enjoy reading what the people who share it are saying,” Dearing told InsideEdition.com.

“That if you don't see it, it's not there. Like what else in life can we blindfold ourselves to? Your husband saying something you don't like? You blindfold it. My kids come home from school, they don't wanna do it. Suddenly, a blindfold goes up," Fortin said.

Like “Mom Box,” other parodies were done in fun — there are videos featuring pets wearing blindfolds and relationship spoofs.

Yet some parodies may be taking it too far.

Police in Layton, Utah, tweeted a picture of a car crash due to the "Bird Box" challenge, warning about the "predictable" outcome.

According to authorities, a 17-year-old slammed into oncoming traffic trying to drive blindfolded, while foolishly trying to mimic a scene from the movie where the characters drive to the supermarket with the windows covered, using only the car's GPS as their guide.

Authorities across the country are warning people not to risk their lives. Netflix also tweeted a disclaimer saying in part, "I can't believe I have to say this, but: please do not hurt yourselves with this 'Bird Box' challenge."

Perhaps inspired by the many "Bird Box" challenges posted to its platform, YouTube announced earlier this week it is now prohibiting any videos that encourage dangerous activities that can cause harm.

Still, it seems nothing can stop the film's momentum.

Rapper Cardi B heard so much about "Bird Box," she decided to take a look herself. In a video she posted to Instagram, she ponders the one question everyone else who was seen the movie still has: What did the creatures actually look like?

“Are they [expletive] seeing their bills? I think [expletive] is seeing their bills, that makes them want to kill they [expletive] selves," she quipped.