Risque Easter Display Gets an Upgrade From New Jersey Dentist

After some neighbors complained about a dentist's raunchy Easter display outside his office, the dentist added to his exhibit.

That controversial Easter display is back — and naughtier than ever. 

Dr. Wayne Gangi has been dubbed the "Hugh Hefner" of Easter displays by his neighbors, featuring scantily clad mannequins dressed like Playboy bunnies.

But last week a neighbor, angered by the risque display, dismembered the mannequins with a pair of scissors and piled them in Gangi's driveway, in a moment documented by Inside Edition's cameras. She was charged with criminal mischief.

Now, the mannequins have returned, and they're joined by some bare-chested men. 

Gangi has a warning for anyone who might try to mess with his display: His Clifton, New Jersey, home is private property, so keep off. 

While some feel the display is not an appropriate way to celebrate Easter, others are more good-natured about it. 

"I think he's doing it tongue-in-cheek," said one neighbor. "He means no harm to anyone

Added another, "I actually enjoy it, I think it's pretty creative."