Robbers Shoot at Houston Couple and Steal Their Bulldog

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The American Humane Association estimates that 10 million dogs are stolen every year, and only half are returned. The coronavirus pandemic has seen pricey breeds become hot commodities for dognappers looking to make a quick buck.

A Houston couple was walking their bulldog when suddenly a car sped up to them and two men jumped out. One of the men pointed an assault rifle at them while they demanded the couple hand over the dog. The man tried to fight off the dognappers, until a shot rang out.

“I didn’t want to die, frankly,” the dog’s owner said.

The thieves swung the helpless dog by the collar as they made their getaway. Police discovered the dog, Kirby, in an alley. The suspects remain at large.

In another incident in Jacksonville, Florida, Rick and Kimberly Block were shocked when a pizza delivery man stole their teacup poodle named Lexi.

Kimberly said when she grabbed the pizza, the dog walked out of the door without her seeing. The delivery man stuffed the puppy into a sack and went on his way.

The next day, cops retrieved the dog unharmed. 


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