Woman's French Bulldog Stolen at Gunpoint as Dog Thefts in the US See Surge

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It seems dog thefts are sweeping the country as the demand for pets has surged during the pandemic. One San Francisco woman’s beloved French bulldog, Chloe, was stolen at gunpoint.

Sarah Vorhaus’s face is still bruised after being jumped by three men outside her apartment at 5:45 p.m. while walking her dog.

"I heard a man's voice behind me that said 'Give me your dog,' and I turned around and I saw he had a gun held up," Vorhaus said.

Surveillance footage shows the men run to a getaway car after the violent attack.

"Thinking about the violent people who attacked me, being in charge of Chloe's care is the hardest thing in the world," Vorhaus said.

Vorhaus is recovering but is still worried sick about her dog’s well-being. A website has been set up to help find Chloe.


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