Dog Allegedly Stolen From Backyard Is Reunited With Owners After 6 Years Apart

Vasquez Family holding King with Humane Society of Broward County staffer.
Humane Society of Broward County

King was allegedly taken from the Vasquez’s backyard in San Antonio. The family reported him missing in 2014 and searched and searched even offering a reward, but their dog never surfaced. 

It was a homecoming fit for a king, when King, a chihuahua mix, was reunited with his Texas family after being allegedly stolen six years ago. King was taken from the Vasquez’s backyard in San Antonio, his family said. The family reported him missing in 2014. They searched and searched for the pup, even offering a reward for his safe return, but their dog never surfaced. 

King had ended up more than 1,300 miles away at the Humane Society of Broward County, where his microchip revealed just how far from home he had gone. King was identified after a woman reportedly surrendered him, WFOR reported. 

It is unclear how the small, 15-year-old dog found his way to Florida, reported the news station. The woman had gotten King six months ago from his the previous owner, and could no longer care for the dog, according to WFOR. 

The family drove 20 hours from their home in San Antonio Texas to Florida, where the non-profit is located.

“We legit thought he was gone,” daughter Danae Vasquez told WPLG.

At the reunion at the Humane Society of Broward County, there were happy tears when the Vasquez was once again reunited with their long lost family member. 

“King do you remember us? King?" asked Danae as she held back tears.

Speaking at a news conference, mother and daughter were holding onto King while taking turns hugging and kissing their furry friend and making up for lost time.

“They [Humane Society of Broward County] called and said Danae, King is alive. I was so confused,” Danae said. “They said he is in Florida right now. We were crying. I asked, “How do we get him back?””

The rest is history. 

Danae praised the organization sharing with everyone how grateful she was for all that they did. 

“They kept us updated 24/7. Communicating with us even when they weren’t even at work,” she said. 

Mother Deborah started to cry as she held her little furry friend, “He still looks the same, just a little white. So happy to have him back in the family where he belongs.”

Their message to all pet owners is one that they now live by: “Microchip your dog. Everyone should microchip.”