Dog Missing for 3 Years Is Found More Than 400 Miles Away and Reunited With Its Owner

Cali the dog

Callie was located near southwest Michigan before returning to her Kentucky home.

Callie’s home. It took nearly three years, and almost 1,095 days, but Callie is finally home back in the arms of her mother, Venes Mosier, after she turned up in Michigan, more than 400 miles away, from her Kentucky home.

The black-colored pup went missing before Christmas 2017 after the home she had lived in with Mosier and two other dogs was broken into. Mosier was in the hospital at the time. When she returned home, most of her belongings were gone, including her animals, she said.

One of her pups was found in Illinois a year later, she told WOOD TV, but said she had “given up hope” on Callie.

Until she got a call on Sept. 17 from the Cass County Animal Control that Callie had been found.

“I was bouncing off the walls. I was in tears. I was excited,” Mosier told the station when she learned of the news. “I was kind of shocked because I was like, ‘No way!’”

According to animal control officers, Callie had been wandering in a neighborhood near the Indiana state line. Once they scanned the microchip they were able to trace her back to her owner, the news outlet reported. 

The officers did not know how Callie made it to Michigan, but said that she was in “great condition,” and “obviously someone had been taking good care of her,” WOOD reported. 

The volunteer group, Many Paws Volunteer Transport Team, brought the dog at no cost back to Kentucky to be reunited with her owner, 

Ronald Butts, director of Cass County Animal Control said that they were grateful that she got back to Kentucky “where she belonged.”

“I have been in the department for over 25 years now. This is a first,” Butts said to the station.

Now that her best friend is back safely, Mosier is thankful for all the love and attention, and tells pets owners, near and far, to be sure and microchip their pets.