Robot and Italian Pianist Battle on the Keys to See Who Plays Better

The robot can also talk to people.

It was an interesting case of who played it better as an Italian pianist and a robot battled on the keys.

A competition between Roberto Prosseda, a 43-year-old Italian musician, and robot pianist Teotronico, which has 53 fingers that can move in an extremely fast and accurate manner, was held Thursday night at the Beijing Concert Hall.

Both Prosseda and Teo were tested on almost every technique of piano playing from works of great composers like Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt and Beethoven.

Applause from the audience was used as the evaluation standard.

In agility, accuracy and duration, Teo was better than Prosseda; while in continuity, forte-piano and expression, Prosseda won over Teo.

Prosseda expressed his belief that although humans can make mistakes, a machine can never totally replace a human in making music.

"I think mistakes are a treasure,” Prosseda said “We have to be proud of our imperfections. The robot doesn't suffer. Even if a robot makes a mistake, the robot doesn’t suffer about that.”

Teo was designed and manufactured by Mateo Suzi from Italy in 2012. He plays the piano through many dynamically controlled joints.

The robot can also talk can interact with people.