Rookie Cop Saves Newborn Baby Choking on Gas-Relief Drops

Officer Cody Hubbard knew exactly how to react when he responded to the scene of a newborn baby choking on gas-relief drops. Inside Edition speaks to a pediatrician about how to correctly administer medicine to babies.

A rookie police officer is being hailed a hero after saving a newborn baby who was choking on gas-relief drops. Cody Hubbard’s bodycam captured the dramatic race against the clock to save the 3-week-old baby

His mom was overcome with emotion. 

As Hubbard gently patted baby Grady’s back, he slowly started to come to, but was still having a hard time breathing. Finally, there was the sound everyone was waiting for — the baby started to cry.

Gas-relief drops are commonly given to babies struggling with stomach pain. Dr. Dyan Hes with Gramercy Pediatrics says the drops are perfectly safe, but there is a correct way to administer them. She demonstrated the steps for Inside Edition, which can be viewed in the video above.

Today, Grady is happy and healthy alongside his parents, Joe and Katelin Chronister.

“When your baby turns purple, that ain’t going well. That’s scary. We panicked,” Joe told Inside Edition.

Fortunately, Hubbard, who is also a dad, knew exactly how to help.

“It felt good to see how that came out and the look in their eyes once their baby started crying. I’ll never forget something like that,” Hubbard said.

Later this month, Hubbard will receive an award for saving a life.

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