Roxy the Dog Reunited With Family After Falling Into a Well

Roxy the dog

Authorities and neighbors all pitched in to reunite the 11-year-old Roxy with her family after getting stuck in a well.

Thanks to the Montgomery authorities, a family was reunited with their beloved dog after she fell 25 feet down a well. 

Roxy, a cattle dog and lab mix, was taking a walk with her owner Melissa Swensrud and her other two dogs.

When the pups walked past a herd of deer, they all darted off in different directions, causing Swensrud to slip in wet grass and let go of the three leashes.

She was able grab ahold of two leashes, but Roxy ran off. Swensrud said that she found Roxy’s leash and collar, as the clasp had broken off. 

“Roxy is our gentle, undemanding fearless leader of our pack of three canine family members,” Swensrud wrote to MYMC Media. 

She searched for her dog for over an hour, called her son for help, and ultimately notified Montgomery County Animal Services and her neighbors about the lost pup.

It was not until after 9 p.m. that Swensrud's son found Roxy in a 25-foot-deep abandoned well behind Norwood School in Bethesda. They called 911 and the Montgomery County Fire Squad was dispatched. 

Swensrud estimates that around 32 rescue units in total came to the scene, according to MYMC Media.

The rescue took about an hour, and included the use of generators, ladders, and belays — all leading to Roxy now being safe at home. 

“As a family we are so grateful to every single person who was part of the recovery effort as well as to our neighbor, Joe Maloney, who came to collect my other dogs and then waited with us until [he] saw us all safely back at home,” Swensrud said to the outlet. 

“[W]e’re giving her lots of love and quiet rest. I’m so grateful this story had a happy ending,” 

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