Rubber Ducky Had Trapped Water With Bacteria That Led to Boy’s Eye Infection, Parents Say

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Parents of a 2-year-old boy who recently recovered from a serious eye infection say it was caused by his toy rubber ducky that contained trapped bacteria-filled water inside. Baylor Strong’s mom posted a photo of him showing him with bloodshot, swollen eyes—symptoms caused by cellulitis.

“I was just horrified. His eye was actually coming out of his eye socket and his face was very swollen and he was very feverish,” she told Inside Edition.

“It was scary. I thought he was going to lose his eyesight,” his dad said.

The parents believe that he was infected when he was playing with the rubber ducky and a small hole in the mouth of the toy squirted water into his eye.

Fortunately, Baylor made a full recovery, but the parents want to warn others about the potential hidden danger.

Good Housekeeping Magazine’s Megan Murphy cut open bath toys to show Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero the gunk that can build up inside, the kind of thing Baylor’s parents say infected him.

“We've changed all of the tub toys that Baylor uses. We only use things now that can completely dry and don't have any ability to trap water,” his mom said.


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