After Toddler Triplets Topple Dresser During Nap Time, Parents Speak Out About Hidden Danger

Every year, 11,000 children are injured in the United States by falling furniture.

Two-year-old toddlers were captured on a baby monitor sneaking out of bed during naptime and knocking over a heavy wooden dresser. Luckily, they escaped uninjured, and now the family is speaking with Inside Edition about the hidden danger affecting thousands each year.

Two of the triplets climbed the heavy dresser, using the pulled out drawers as steps. The next moment, the dresser toppled and trapped them underneath. The third triplet didn’t seem to know what to do and retreated to the bed. Thankfully, his siblings managed to free themselves, just when their mom, Roxanne White, came in.

"I was in shock, it actually fell on top of Haven and Spencer," White told Inside Edition. "If it was not on video I never would have known."

The two suffered from bruises, but they're going to be OK. Their mom knows it could have ended in disaster.

"I noticed the dresser was down, and I saw the three kids standing, so I was immediately relieved that none of them were under the dresser," White said.

Like many parents, Roxanne and Hank never thought such a heavy piece of furniture could be toppled by them. 

"Almost everything in the house is secured, but that one dresser, and this is my bad, I thought that it was fine, it was low-profile enough and heavy enough. I didn't think it would ever tip," Hank told Inside Edition. 

Every year, 11,000 children are injured in the United States by falling furniture. Over the years, Inside Edition has explained how safety brackets that secure furniture and TV sets to the wall can save lives.