The 911 Call Teens Made When Their Senior Portrait Photographer Was Crushed by Falling Log

It looked at first like a freak accident in a state park, but authorities say two people allegedly pushed the log over a cliff.

After a professional photographer was crushed by a falling log at an Ohio park, the harrowing 991 calls made by her frightened subjects have been released. 

Victoria Schafer was taking pictures of some high school seniors in September at Hocking Hills State Park, with the group following a trail back to the parking lot after the shoot. Out of nowhere, a 70-pound log came crashing down from above, landing on the photographer.

The students and other people nearby called 911 to help save the severely injured artist.

“Slow down, I can't understand you. What happened?” the 911 operator told a caller. 

“A tree branch fell on her,” said a panicked caller. “She's not moving. She got her head, like, smashed in with a log.”

A caller then added: “I think she's dead. There's no pulse.”

“Is her chest rising and falling?” the operator asked. 

“No, there's no movement,” the caller said. 

The mom of four kids was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two teens have been charged with juvenile reckless homicide for allegedly pushing the log over the cliff.

“Kids need to know that there's consequences. Everybody needs to know that there's consequences for their actions,” Schafer's twin brother, Mark, told Inside Edition. “It makes me really angry, very angry. It's just an action that I don't understand how anybody could do that.” 

The arrests were made after authorities say they got a tip that one of the suspects had texted another student that he'd done something serious at the park. The two teens deny the charges.