Russia Claims Ukraine Sent Drone to Assassinate Vladimir Putin. But Is It Fact or Fiction?

Officials in Ukraine quickly pushed back on this claim, saying they had nothing to do with the drone.

Russian officials claim that a drone shot down over the Kremlin last night had been sent by Ukraine in a bid to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

Video of the purported incident shows a fiery nighttime blast just over the Kremlin.

When the video is slowed down, the drone can be seen descending towards the building's famed dome before being shot out of the air.

The Russians declared soon after that the attempted drone strike had been orchestrated by the Ukraine in an attempt to kill Putin, who was not in the residence at the time.

Officials in Ukraine quickly pushed back on this claim though, saying they had nothing to do with the drone.

Now many are left wondering: Is Putin behind the video? Could this be a false flag? Will Russia use this incident as an excuse to punish Ukraine? Could it be the work of Russian dissidents?

Or is the drone even real?

Some think artificial intelligence may have been used to create the video, and footage from the Kremlin shows that there are no signs of outward damage to the building or its roof. 

"It looks like an amateur job of somebody trying to make it look like there's a drone attack," Bill Browder tells Inside Edition. "The Kremlin is the most well-guarded place on the planet."

Browder, who until 2005 was the largest foreign investor in Russia, adds: "For a drone to just sort of meander into the Kremlin, it's kind of a laughable concept."

It has now been 14 months since Russia began its attack on Ukraine.


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