Sailor Surprises Florida Mother With Coffee After Year Away Serving in U.S. Navy

A Florida mother got the surprise of a lifetime when her daughter unexpectedly returned home.

A Florida mother got quite the jolt of a lifetime when her daughter unexpectedly returned home after more than a year away serving in the U.S. Navy. 

Allyson Boltinghouse quietly crept through the kitchen of Fort King Middle School in Ocala to surprise her mother, Sherry, as she was working, video of the touching exchange captured by T&T Creative Media showed.

With her mother’s favorite coffee in hand, Boltinghouse can be seen telling her mom’s surprised colleagues to be quiet as she makes her way through the maze of the kitchen.

Boltinghouse offers the cold brew to her mom, but Sherry’s much more interested in the true present — her daughter being home

Sherry screams and embraces her daughter, crying tears of joy as she kisses her, the video shows.

"It was pure joy when I saw her standing there in the doorway," Sherry said. "This was the first time I had ever been away from her for such a long length of time."

Boltinghouse had spent six months at boot camp and then went on to technical training, usually referred to as class A school. She has since become an aviation boatswain's mate handler, playing a major part in launching and recovering naval aircraft from land and ships.