These Military Surprises Tugged at Our Heartstrings in 2017

It is time to get out the tissues.

Spoiler alert: You will need to grab the tissues for these surprise reunions by members of our armed forces. 

Kicking off the list is a military dad in Connecticut, who surprised his two children while dressing up as a referee at his son’s high school football game in September. 

Joe Egersheim, a master sergeant in the U.S. Army, had been deployed in Kuwait and returned to surprise his son, Law High School football player Cole Egersheim, and his daughter, Olivia, a cheerleader. The soldier was disguised as a referee before the game and once his children recognized him, they ran to him in jubilation.

Sporting events seem to be a preferred venue for returning military personnel to surprise loved ones.  

In April, a military mom surprised her 6-year-old on the baseball field after a 7-month deployment in Asia. Brody Floyd was throwing the first pitch of a local baseball game in Charleston, S.C., when his mother swooped in to greet him.

The boy’s excitement was captured on video, and quickly became an internet sensation. 

In March, an Arizona teen jumped into her army brother’s arms in an emotional display of affection as he surprised her with his homecoming, after having been deployed overseas for three years.

Shane Rader, 22, was stationed in Italy with the U.S. Army, and rarely had the opportunity to come home, according to his older brother John, 37. When Shane found out he would complete his duty abroad in December, he decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the family.

When John returned home from picking up his brother, their 16-year-old sister ran into Shane’s arms, clearly shocked that it was really him. 

In July, a soldier gave his mother the surprise of a lifetime when he unexpectedly walked into her Maryland home. His family hadn’t seen him in nearly a year after he had been deployed in the Middle East. 

Once his mother saw him, she couldn’t contain her excitement, screaming with joy at the sight of her son.