Samuel Olson's Mother Speaks Out for 1st Time, Saying She Believes Father Involved in Boy's Death

Sarah Olson spoke to reporters Tuesday evening.
Sarah Olson spoke to reporters Tuesday night.Gonzalez Law Group/Facebook

Sarah Olson spoke publicly for the first time about her young son, Samuel, whose decomposed body, authorities said, was found with his father's girlfriend in a Texas motel room.

The mother of Samuel Olson has spoken publicly for the first time about the killing of her young son, saying she believes his father was involved in his death.

"I don't see how he couldn't. With all the evidence now brought to light, how were you not involved," Sarah Olson told reporters Tuesday night in the Houston office of her attorney.

The distraught mother spoke haltingly about Samuel, who was reported missing on May 27 by his father, Dalton Olson.

"He was sweet. He was very obedient. He was definitely a momma's boy," Sarah Olson said. "I always loved when he called me beautiful."

The last words she spoke to her son were, “I told him I loved him, and everything would be OK,” the mother said.

She had not seen her child since May 2020, at his fifth birthday party, she said. She and Dalton Olson were embroiled in a bitter custody dispute and she had tried to take Samuel home with her that day after months of trying to get her son back, but was prevented from doing so, she said.