San Francisco City Officials Ban Tour Buses From ‘Full House’ Home

Full House

The exterior of the home was used as the Tanner abode in the show.

Officials in San Francisco are about to make you miss your old familiar friends just waiting around the bend as they ban tour buses from the home used as the exterior setting in “Full House.” 

Neighbors of the home on Broderick Street have said that between 1,000 to 1,500 tourists come to the home every day, often double parking and blocking driveways. 

Residents complained to the Municipal Transportation Agency's Board of Directors, which has agreed to ban commercial vehicles from visiting the house.

The home was used as the Tanner family residence in “Full House” for eight seasons on ABC. Its Netflix spinoff, “Fuller House,” was renewed for a fourth season earlier this year.

Tour buses were previously banned from Alamo Square Park, which was another location famed for its inclusion in the “Full House” opening credits.

Neighbors say they are still expecting gawkers to visit the home for photo ops, but banning commercial vehicles — a bus or other vehicle with more than nine seats — is a step in the right direction.