Santa Pays a Visit to Babies in the NICU: 'It Brought a Lot of Joy'

He brought Christmas cheer to the hospital.


Santa Claus is coming to the hospital.

Mothers who have babies in Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women‘s NICU received a special visit from St. Nick this past week. HIs arrival brought much-needed joy to what has been a rocky road for the families.

April Neal, whose son was born on Nov. 8. at just 27 weeks, is slowly growing at the hospital and she said the visit reminded her to celebrate.

“It’s been difficult. I stay a few nights when he has a rough day,” Neal told “In the NICU it’s a rollercoaster. You limit the amount of visitors so a lot of our family hasn’t been able to concern, but it was the first time we celebrated.”

Neal bought her son Wyatt a cute Christmas onesie and small Santa hat for the occasion. It was the first time Wyatt was dressed in clothes since his birth.

“The Santa visit reminded me of the holiday and how special it is to have Wyatt,” Neal said.

The visit was hosted by the hospital’s Newborn Center Family Advisory Committee and First Memories Texas, a volunteer organization dedicated to helping families whose infants are in the NICU and CVICU at Texas Children’s.

Neal said her son is slowly progressing, and she was grateful to have a little something to lighten their days.

“It brought a lot of joy and so I was overwhelmed,” she said.