Save the World and Go Viral With New #Trashtag Challenge

Steven Reinhold picks up trash for the #Trashtag Challenge.
Steven Reinhold picks up trash for the #Trashtag Challenge.(Instagram/ramblin_reinhold)

Anyone can participate by picking up litter and sharing before and after pictures with the hashtag #Trashtag.

Mother Nature will thank you for this next viral challenge.

Following on the toes of the Cheesed Challenge and the Fire Noodle Challenge comes Trashtag Challenge, which encourages people to go outside and clean up litter.

Those who want to join in the latest craze can go to an area that is covered with litter, clean it up, and share before and after pictures on social media using the hashtag #Trashtag. 

The overwhelming photos of clean forests, beaches and even sidewalks has been flooding Twitter in the last month or so, but the challenge began with one avid hiker in partnership with outdoors company UCO Gear in 2015.

Steven Reinhold explained on the company’s blog he and some friends were on their way to Wild Willy’s Hot Spring outside Mammoth, California, when he spotted a driver on the highway toss a receipt out of their window.

Put off by the person’s carelessness, Reinhold said he vowed to make up for it by collecting 100 pieces of trash over the course of their trip.

From Ziploc bags to granola wrappers on the peaks of Mount Langley to the shoreline of Jenny Lake, Reinhold successfully picked up 100 pieces of garbage by the end of their trip.

He then realized, “If I could convince 100 people to join in, then together we could truly make a tangible difference.”

One hundred soon became 1,000, which inspired him to encourage the world to participate in the #Trashtag Challenge on social media.