What Is the Fire Noodle Challenge? Why This Korean Food Craze Has YouTubers in Tears

Hot Chicken Ramen, also known as buldak bokkeummyu, is taking the world by storm.

It’s not just instant ramen, it’s dubbed the spiciest instant noodle in the world – and yes, there is a challenge inspired by it.

Hot Chicken Ramen, also known as buldak bokkeummyu, are the instant noodles behind the Fire Noodle Challenge.

Not only is the noodle spicy, as its name would suggest, but it is thought to be the spiciest instant noodle in the world.

If that seems hard to believe, check out the dozens of diners taking to YouTube and other social media platforms to show their tearful reactions to the noodles.

Many are left crying, out of breath or grasping for water after eating the noodles. Some swear by having a glass of milk handy to neutralize the spice.

The challenge originated in Seoul in 2012 with food daredevils attempting to eat the whole pack quickly. It has quickly made its global expansion, taking over Asia, North America and beyond.

The brand of instant noodles is produced by Samyang Foods, of South Korea, and has several flavors available, ranging from curry to carbonara to sweet bean. The president of the company said it took two tons of hot sauce and more than a thousand chickens to perfect the secret recipe for the Hot Chicken Ramen.