Jeff Goldblum Apparently Doesn't Think Scientists Should Resurrect Dinosaurs

Jeff Goldblum Doesn't Think Scientists Should Resurrect Dinosaurs
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A tweet from one of social media's favorite silver foxes is breathing new life into an old fear.

Jeff Goldblum, who played Dr. Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park series, wrote a simple message on Twitter: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should….”  

Using one of his famed quotes from "Jurassic Park," he was responding to a nearly 4-year-old article in Entrepreneur Magazine explaining the possible resurgence of dinosaurs.

At the time of the article, famed paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner — the same person who inspired the character of Dr. Alan Grant and even served as a consultant on the films — told People magazine he’d be able to bring dinosaurs back within five to 10 years through genetic engineering using birds such as chickens, which have prehistoric genetic links to dinosaurs.

“Of course birds are dinosaurs, so we just need to fix them so they look a little more like a dinosaur,” Horner told the publication, saying that much of the work to bring the “Chickenosaurus” to life was already complete.

Goldblum's eerie tweet spawned a few funny reactions.

“There are 5 movies that perfectly illustrate why this is a bad idea,” said one user.

“So, the scientists are just going to skip turning humans into flies?” another asked.

“He should know: he survived 'Jurassic Park,'” wrote another.


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