Saving Tips From 'Money Honey' Maria Bartiromo

The "Mornings With Maria" host has some advice for people looking to fatten up their wallets.

It's never too early to start saving, according to Maria Bartiromo. The so-called "Money Honey" is celebrating five years hosting "Mornings With Maria" on Fox Business Network. In honor of her big anniversary, she's sharing her top tips for fattening up your wallet.

The 3-Bucket Rule

Bartiromo said she's "a three-bucket girl." That means she separates her money into three separate categories.

Bucket No. 1: Savings

Bucket No. 2: Retirement

"You're not gonna touch it until you retire," Bartiromo said.

Bucket No. 3: Fun Money

"Mad money, whatever you wanna call it. Every once in a while, we do need a treat. And you should be able to say, 'Hey, I wanna buy this for myself — a pair of shoes or a trip,'" Bartiromo explained.

Prioritize Retirement Early

Bartiromo said savers should get a head start on their retirement funds. "You need to start saving as soon as you start making money," she advised.

Does your employer offer a 401(k)? If so, she said, "fantastic. That's free money."

And if your employer matches your 401(k) contributions, Bartiromo said to make sure you get your account set up. "That's a no-brainer."

However, if your company doesn't offer a 401(k) plan, "then you need to open an IRA: individual retirement account," Bartiromo said.

IRAs are retirement accounts provided individually through many financial institutions.

Love Your Job

And those bucks will roll in easier when you and your job are on the same page.

"When you love what you do, you don't mind getting up early in the morning for it, you don't mind working really hard for it, because you actually love what you're doing," she said.