The Secrets to Shopping at Costco and Ways to Save Money

There is a method to the layout madness.

Saving money at Costco is an art. 

But Thad Kleszcz, the general manager of the Culver City, California, location, is sharing shopping secrets with Inside Edition designed to help you find the best deals.

For instance, the layout of the store is actually designed like a maze to encourage you to walk around the store. Employees work hard before the store opens to switch merchandise around because they want you to hunt for your items so you buy more stuff along the way, Kleszcz said.

“We have a general layout that we want people to follow. We would have what they call the horseshoe, where they go up and down the main aisles,” he said. 

Big-ticket items are placed up front and that particular product placement is no accident.

“Electronics always when you walk in. You are going to find some great values on TV sets and computers, laptops,” Kleszcz added. 

The price tags can tell you a lot too, he said. There is a great bargain to be had if you see an asterisk and a .97 in the price. That means the item is being discontinued and it's at its lowest price. 

Meanwhile, a green sign in the produce department lets you know that the item is organic.

Rotisserie chicken is the No. 1 hot prepared food. At the Costco in Culver City, 1,000 of the cooked birds are sold a day. Over 87 million Costco rotisserie chickens are sold worldwide annually.

“It’s a larger chicken and the price [can't be beat],” Kleszcz said of the secret to the chickens’ success. 

Items go quickly at Costco, with a lot of the deals being one-time only like furniture and jewelry. So if you like something, the store manager recommends “buy it."

Once it is gone, there's a good chance you may never see it stocked again. 

You don't have to be a member to purchase certain items in the store, such as prescriptions and alcohol. 

The vodka under Costco’s brand name Kirkland will save you tons of money as well. 

“You are getting almost half off here. You are getting the same or better quality than you would elsewhere with the Kirkland name,” Kleszcz added.