School Cook Fired After Serving Students Kangaroo Meat Chili


He argues that it's a lean, healthy meat.

A Nebraska school cook has been fired after outrage he sparked by serving students an exotic meat.

Kangaroo, to be exact. And, while Kevin Frei contends he had nothing but the kids' well-being in mind, the parents of the Potter-Dix school district were apparently horrified enough to call for his resignation. 

In a letter, the school district wrote Wednesday that Frei mixed the kangaroo meat with beef in a chili he served Oct. 10, USA Today reports. 

According to superintendent Mike Williams, Frei believed the meat--which has been touted for its leanness and flavors--would give the chili a nutritional boost. 

While Williams assured parents that the meat was safe and subject to proper government standards, he believes the choice was not Frei's to make. 

 "On behalf of Potter-Dix Public Schools, I apologize for the anxiety and any harm that this has caused individual students and/or families. We will make sure that something like this never occurs again," Williams wrote.