'School of Rock' Stars Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli Confirm They're Dating 18 Years After Film’s Release

After learning in their “School of Rock” group chat that Caitlin Hale would be moving nearby him, Angelo Massagli met her for lunch to reconnect. They’ve been together ever since.

Two “School of Rock” stars have confirmed they are dating. Caitlin Hale, who played Marta in the film, and Angelo Massagli, who played Frankie in the iconic 2003 movie, are all grown up now, and they've been dating since 2016. The pair were only 10 and 11 years old when they first met.

“I remember my first audition for School of Rock like it was yesterday,” Massagli told Inside Edition Digital. “I get in there and the little blonde girl next to me, she gets called in first and she starts singing show tunes and just blows the roof off the place. It was excellent.”

Massagli and Hale’s auditions had been scheduled at the same time. It wasn’t until later on in life that the couple realized they had a spark.

“We have a group chat where all the School of Rock kids, we just hit each other up whenever someone moves somewhere new or is doing something different,” Massagli said. “So Caitlin is like, hey, I'm moving down to Florida.”

The couple ended up meeting up for lunch, and then it was dinner, and then it turned to drinks.

“The rest is history,” Hale said.

Since their "School of Rock" debuts, the pair have both done their own share of schooling. Massagli now practices law at a major music company, and Hale is an OB/GYN ultrasound technologist and registered diagnostic medical sonographer.

The couple said they have been dating for two and a half years now and they’re in it for the long haul.

“This is locked down. Yes. This is it,” Hale said.

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