Sci-Fi Author's Kickstarter Campaign to Self-Publish His Books Reaches $19 Million in 2 Days

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Brandon Sanderson initially asked for $1 million, which was funded in 35 minutes.

This may sound like a fantasy for some, but for sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson, seeing his recent Kickstarter campaign raise millions of dollars in a matter of 48 hours was very much the stunning reality.

In only two days, Sanderson managed to raise a stunning $19 million on the fundraising site to self-publish four sci-fi novels he wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic, CNBC reported.

Sanderson initially asked for $1 million, which was funded in 35 minutes.

So far, the campaign has been supported by more than 76,000 people, and he still could see a significantly higher amount be raised in total, as the campaign will remain live until March 31. 

Anderson’s sci-fi and fantasy books take place in a fictional universe called Cosmere. Three of these new books are in that universe, he explained on his campaign site. 

For those who may not be as familiar with his work, he said, “Think of the Cosmere like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except every story, instead of starring a different superhero, is taking place on a different fantasy planet with its own ecology and magic.

“People can travel between planets via various methods. Many characters, then, make brief appearances in one another's stories—though the one that is most relevant to these stories is a mysterious storyteller named Hoid (sometimes called Wit)," he continued. 

Regarding his new work, he said, “three are Cosmere books taking place on new worlds, and the other one is something completely different.”

He also promise the reader that “each also takes you to someplace new, original, and vibrant.”

Anderson owns Dragonsteel Entertainment, the parent company that he set up to produce his books and intellectual properties.

He shared on his campaign page where he got the inspiration for his latest works and how he managed to make the time to write them in between his other hustles.

“Over the last two years, a group of ideas wormed their way into my brain and I found I couldn't let them go,” he wrote. “Despite all of my other obligations, I had to write these stories. I'm extremely proud of them, as each represents some new aspect of storytelling that has forced me to grow in an interesting way.

On Wednesday, he wrote that it has been “incredible, overwhelming, and a little unbelievable."

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