Marvel Fan Attempts to Break World Record by Watching 'Avengers: Endgame' 200 Times

He's more than halfway there.

A Marvel superfan is trying to make a Guinness World Record his own by watching "Avengers: Endgame" in theaters 200 times.

In order to meet his goal before the film leaves theaters, Agustin Alanis has made a schedule to keep himself on track.

“On weekdays I'm going twice a day,” Alanis told “Saturday and Sunday, the most that I can watch is five.”

He's had to make some sacrifices while in pursuit of his goal. Alanis said he uses all his free time after his long work days to go watch the film. But his family supports him and some have even joined him at the theater along the way.

“At first, my little sister, parents, friends, and cousins joined,” said Alanis. “Then I started going alone, but when I reached 100, my parents went with me.”

Alanis said there’s a bigger message behind his goal. He wants to show people what dedication and discipline can achieve.

“If someone can have the dedication the discipline to do something small like this, imagine what we can reach, what we can achieve if we all had this discipline to help out each other, to love each other,” said Alanis.