Scooters, Bikes and Mopeds Are Criminals’ New Getaway Vehicle of Choice: Expert

“It’s their tool of choice right now for getting in, getting out,” says Inside Edition security consultant Steve Kardian.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some people avoided public transportation by getting around on scooters and mopeds. Now cops say they're being used by criminals as getaway vehicles.   

A brazen shooting in Queens, New York, over the weekend left three suspected gang members wounded and seven innocent bystanders injured. After the shooting, two accomplices zoomed up on the sidewalk on motorized scooters and whisked the suspects away.

After another shootout in New York, one gunman jumped onto a children’s scooter.

The souped-up getaway vehicles like you see in the movies are being replaced by ones with two wheels.

After another broad daylight shooting, in which a 13-year-old girl shielded her little brother from a hail of bullets, cops say the gunman fled on the back of a scooter with an alleged accomplice.

“It’s their tool of choice right now for getting in, getting out,” Inside Edition security consultant Steve Kardian said. “They're now gravitating towards mopeds, scooters, whatever they can get their hands on, because they're easy, they're cheap, they're maneuverable, they're hideable. They can go on sidewalks. They can go against traffic on one-way streets.”

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