Scraggly Sheep Rescued After Being Tied to Tree in Brooklyn

File photo of a sheep
File photo of a sheep Getty Images

One sheep was rescued from a baaad day.

A sheep was found tied to a tree in Brooklyn, New York, Thursday night, according to the New York City Police Department. The animal was soaking wet and dirty and needed a shear, cops said, but it appeared otherwise healthy. 

Police don't know how it got there or why.

Authorities loaded the sheep into a trailer and took it to the nearby New York City Animal Care Center. "We set up a home for him and made him comfortable through the night," the center tweeted.

The center shared photos of the animal with its scraggly wool and noshing on some straw.

It's just the latest incident in a string of animal rescues in the city, the Associated Press reported. A cow was found running wild in the Bronx before being captured earlier this week, and a goat escaped a slaughter house and was nabbed on a Bronx street last weekend.

Earlier this morning, a lamb was rescued after wandering the busy Gowanus Expressway.


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