Scuba-Diving Santa Gives Gifts to Fish

Playing Scuba Diving Santa Feeds the Fishies in Front of Smiling Kiddies

Santa doesn't just take to the skies — he visits the depths of the ocean, too.

A scuba-diving Santa made sure fish got in the festive spirit at the annual Scuba Santa show, which is held by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Nearly 100 children and parents watched as St. Nick get acquainted with marine life during the show's launch Tuesday.

Diver George Bell donned the famous red suit for the occasion. He answered questions from the audience about the reef and reindeer via an underwater microphone.

"Some [visitors] get more serious about Santa than others," he said. "There's often someone who challenges my knowledge of the eight reindeer's names. So, I'm prepared," he said.

The event runs through Christmas Day.


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