Search for Marilane Carter Moves to Mississippi River as Family Prays She's Home by Daughter's Birthday

Mother-of-three Marilane Carter hasn't been heard from for more than a week.
Overland Park Police

“Bring Mommy Home by Anna’s Birthday,” is the prayer the family is sending out, as they hold vigil waiting for the mother of three to be found. 

As the search for Marilane Carter moves from land to river, her family continues to pray for her safe return, according to Fox 4.

“Bring Mommy Home by Anna’s Birthday,” is the prayer the family is sending out, as they hold vigil waiting for the mother of three to be found.

It has been nearly two weeks since the 36-year-old mother left her Overland Park home en route to Birmingham, Alabama to see her family and seek mental health treatment after, authorities say, Carter made "concerning statements to her family.”

Surveillance footage shows Carter, who left her hometown on Aug. 1 at 8 p.m., check into a hotel in West Plains, Missouri around 3 a.m. Family members said she stayed about three hours, then hit the road again and drove near Memphis.  

Adam Carter, Marilane's husband, told KMBC that he had spoken to his wife the morning she left the hotel and her mother before her phone died. Investigators also pinged her phone, but got no response. That was the last time anyone had contact with the young mother.

In the latest developments, Fox 4 reports that Carter was near the Arkansas-Tennessee border, a couple of miles from the Mississippi River.

Since news spread of her disappearance, some witnesses have come forward. One woman claimed she saw Carter and gave her $10 for gas. None of these claims have yet to be confirmed by law enforcement, say KMBC.

In an earlier report, Adam Carter says his wife may have checked herself into a Missouri mental health facility. Still, mental health facilities do not release information unless a patient ID number is known.

As police search the land, her family is asking for the public's help as the search for Marilane is expected to start today at the Mississippi River, according to Fox 4.

Family members are holding out hope.

"The biggest need that we need help with right now is we need volunteers to help us search the river right around the I-55," said Adam, who has been using social media as a platform to recruit help. 

"We need people who have a boat and very good sonars and experience navigating the Mississippi River," he continued. "That would be a help to us as we're attempting to rule out the worst possible case scenario of the river and that area." 

Anyone who knows of Marilane Carter's whereabouts should contact law enforcement.