See the Huge Warehouse Stuffed With Goods for Sale Despite Supply Chain Shortages

Via Trading has tons of merchandise for sale at discounted prices.

There's a warehouse in Los Angeles stuffed with goods that are hard to find because of supply chain shortages.

And they're for sale at discount prices.

At Via Trading, you can find merchandise left over in stores or returned by customers. The wholesale liquidator buys goods for cents on the dollar, and resells them at bargain prices.

Mike Stambouli showed Inside Edition around his warehouse the size of four football fields.

Merchandise is sold in bulk, or on pallets.

"This is a pallet for $400. You got a bicycle, you got a grill, you got a four-burner gas grill. There you got storage racks, all of this for $400," said Stambouli.

There's even hand sanitizers and COVID-19 masks.

"Things that were gold a year ago, now we can't even give them away," he said.

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