Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are 'Absurd'

Tony Robbins lashes out at his accusers in a new video.

Self-help mogul Tony Robbins is launching a counterattack against the recent sexual misconduct allegations he faces.

“It's just absurd! This has got to stop. And I hope maybe my situation my fighting back a little bit will stimulate some of you to do the same,” he said in a recorded video posted online.

“If there is anything I have ever said or ever done that sincerely has offended anybody hurt anybody's feelings or if they felt anything of that nature that didn’t support you I apologize, certainly not my intent,” he added. 

On Thursday, BuzzFeed News published more allegations, quoting four women who claim Robbins "groped them, exposed himself or made unwanted advances."

Among them was his former personal assistant, Kimberley Stokes.

"I went into my shower to get ready for the day, I pulled the shower curtain back when I was done showering, obviously I am naked and there was Tony standing naked in a towel in my bathroom … the first thing that hit me was panic,” she told Inside Edition. 

BuzzFeed News previously published a secret recording in which Robbins appears to berate a victim of domestic violence at his seminar. 

“What role did you play? Has he loved you? Has he looked out for you? Has he put up with you when you've been a crazy [expletive]? I know by your body that you're lying,” he said. 

Robbins said he was not being abusive and the woman thanked him for his tough love. 

He also says he faced a life-threatening medical emergency last week.

“I lost half my frickin blood supply because of an ulcer that happened and that was only nine days ago. I have half the hemoglobin to keep going but I keep doing it!” he said.