Semitrailer Crashes into School Bus Carrying Students: 'I Knew That Bed was Going to Hit Us'

The dramatic moment was captured on surveillance.

The dramatic moment a semitrailer slammed into a South Carolina school bus carrying special needs students was captured on surveillance last week.

A Greenville County school bus, with four students aboard, was traveling down the road on Tuesday afternoon when the driver of a semitrailer lost control and swerved off the road. 

Tammy Cummings, the school bus driver, told FOXCarolina she spotted the vehicle and braced for the impact.

"The bed of the truck started leaning towards me and I noticed that my aide was behind the seat the way she was supposed to be, the children was in their seats so I knew they were safe in their compartment area,” Cummings told the station. “I just saw the bed of the truck come towards me and I held up my arms to cover my face because I knew that bed was going to hit us.”

Cummings said she followed her training protocol and slowed down the bus as she saw the giant truck headed towards them.

No one was seriously injured in the crash, but the kids were frightened, she said.  Cummings was seen on the video calming the students down.

One child was taken to the hospital as a precaution, reports said.

The driver of the semitrailer was injured and taken to the hospital as well.

The vehicle also struck a pole and knocked out power for nearly 1,000 residents in the area, according to reports.