With This Crash, I Thee Wed: Couple Marries After Meeting During Car Accident

The couple who met under the worst of circumstances is now husband and wife.

A New Jersey car accident helped two people find love and a recent trip down the aisle. 

On a cold winter night in December 2013, Jennifer Lind was driving from Parsippany to River Vale when she encountered black ice and lost control of her car, crashing into a barrier. 

Another motorist, Nicholas Angelus, pulled his emergency break to slow down as he approached Lind's car but couldn't stop in time. 

"I looked out my passenger side and there were headlights coming at me," she told Inside Edition. “Before I knew it, someone opened my door. Nicholas had been in the car behind me. He was the first one to hit me.” 

He asked her if she needed his coat and wanted to stay in his car to stay warm. 

Cops say that both drivers, who came out of the accident unscathed, were lucky to be alive.

Lind thought she'd never see him again, but he had other plans.

"I remember telling a friend, ‘I’m gonna take her out and get to know her,'" he recalled. "I kept calling Jennifer and she hung up the first time." 

 At first, Lind thought he was going to sue her, but after the first date, sparks flew, and the couple who met under the most tumultuous of circumstances is now husband and wife. 

They tied the knot in October 2017 and enjoyed a honeymoon in Greece.