Shaquille O'Neal Ties $500 to Helium Balloons, Releases Cash Into Sky to Celebrate Birthday

"$500. Someone’s going to be very happy," the NBA icon said.

“$500. Someone’s going to be very happy.”

Shaquille O’Neal recently celebrated his 46th birthday, and to celebrate, he released $500 over the skies of Atlanta.

Shaq posted a video to Instagram of him tying several bills to helium balloons, and letting them go.

“It’s my birthday and I’m going to do something special for somebody,” the former NBA star said. “If you get it, make sure you hit me back and let me know you got my money.”

It’s unclear whether anyone has come forward about receiving the cash.

But he clearly wasn't done with birthday surprises.

Earlier Tuesday, he gave away free Oreo chocolate candy bars to celebrate National Oreo Day. Shaq and the candy apparently share the same birthday.

“Thanks for the birthday wishes,” he concluded in an address to the fans.