Shaving Man on Train Says He Was Trying to Make a Good Impression After Days in Homeless Shelter

The man, Anthony Torres, has come forward after several days of internet ridicule.

The man who was filmed shaving on a New Jersey Transit train says he is homeless. 

Anthony Torres, 55, was called “a pig,” “a slob” and “rude” — among other names — as video of him shaving went viral. 

Torrez was headed to Atlantic City on the train to see his brother when the video was shot. 

Torres said he had spent three nights at a homeless shelter and began shaving because he wanted to make a good impression.

"I wasn't thinking," he told Inside Edition. "I wasn't thinking — I don't care — that is who I am. When I was shaving myself and I threw the cream on the floor, I was like, 'This is no big deal.' The next day when I had seen [the video], I was wondering, 'I am going to get locked up?'" 

He said he shaved on the train "because I felt dirty." 

His brothers said the video was "shocking" but "not surprising." 

Torres says he has suffered two strokes, is on disability and his future is uncertain. 

He said from now on, he will keep his shaving habits confined to the bathroom. 

"I am very sorry," he told Inside Edition. "I will never do that again."