Shayna Hubers Case: Kentucky Woman Convicted of Killing Boyfriend Because He Was Leaving Her for Miss Ohio

Hubers sobbed in the courtroom as the guilty verdict was handed down.

The Kentucky woman who fatally shot her ex-boyfriend in 2012 because he was going on a date with a Miss USA contestant burst into tears in court as she was convicted of murder Tuesday. 

The victim’s family hugged, kissed and openly celebrated in the courtroom when the verdict against Shayna Hubers came down. 

Hubers shot her 29-year-boyfriend, Ryan Poston, six times in October 2012. Prosecutors said she was in a jealous rage because he was pursuing a relationship with Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte, who was a second runner-up in the 2012 Miss USA pageant.

Bolte testified that she met Poston on Facebook and he asked her out.

She was waiting to meet him for a late-night drink when he was shot by Hubers, who found Facebook messages setting up the date.

Hubers drove over to Poston's apartment outside Cincinnati where she confronted him. She had claimed during the trial that she shot him in self-defense. 

Her bizarre behavior in a police interrogation room sealed her fate. She was seen actually singing about the killing.    

“I did it!" she sang. "Yes, I did it. I can't believe I did that!" 

She also told a police officer, "I gave him his nose job he wanted" about shooting her boyfriend in the face. 

"Today we embrace justice and yet we do not feel joy," Poston's family said in a statement. "It has been six long and heartbreaking years without our beloved Ryan."

In 2015, Hubers was previously convicted, but the verdict was thrown out after it was found a juror in that trial had a prior felony conviction. In Kentucky, felons are not allowed to serve as jurors.

She was retried this summer. On Tuesday, the jury deliberated for five hours before returning the guilty verdict

Hubers is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday.