Shelter Makes Tinder Profile for 3-Year-Old Dog Struggling to Get Adopted

He has been at the shelter for more than two years.

A Georgia shelter is trying to find the perfect match for one of their canines, so they’ve taken to Tinder.

Miranda Morrison, the canine behavior and enrichment coordinator for Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus created the Tinder profile for 3-year-old Henry, a coonhound mix who has struggled to get adopted.

“Henry is our longest staying male dog there,” Morrison told “He is my favorite dog and I just wanted to do something to help him get adopted.”

Henry, who has been at the shelter more than two years, has already been adopted once but was returned. Morrison said he gets nervous around children and the woman who adopted him found out she was pregnant a short time later.

Since Morrison created a profile for Henry on the dating app on Dec. 29, the canine has made 25 matches.

“He is a very active boy. He likes to go out, get out there… so I thought his ideal match would be a younger person,” Morrison said. “I thought Tinder would be a good outlet to try and meet people in their 20s and 30s.”

Morrison said Henry does most of the messaging once he scores a match, but she’s hoping the effort will eventually lead to a permanent home for him.

Henry has no medical problems and Morrison knows anyone would be lucky to have him.

“He loves going camping, car rides, walks, water,” Morrison said. “He loves to cuddle. So, at night if you just want to curl up on the couch with him, he’s all about it.”