Silence Surrounds Alleged Videotaped Sexual Assault of Boy From Louisville Private School Months Ago

St. X
Facebook / St. Xavier High School

The alleged incident happened in May and still no answers have been given.

In May, a video circulated on Snapchat of an alleged sexual assault purportedly involving students of Louisville, Kentucky's St. Xavier High School and another schoolmate. The school had released a statement acknowledging the video and police said they were investigating the incident.

However, six months later, not much has been said about the case as the Louisville Courier Journal pointed out.

In the video, which has not been made public, the Louisville Courier Journal reported that one boy used what appeared to be a lacrosse stick sexually assaulting a schoolmate while he was pinned down by other teens.

In the aftermath of the video circulating around social media, specifically Snapchat, the school reportedly took action in response to what they describe as a "disturbing video" which they say was filmed off-campus involving some students, WDRB reported in May.

St. Xavier is an expensive all-male high school whose notable alumni include Tom Cruise, singer Jim James from My Morning Jacket, former PGA golfer Frank Beard, and Olympic gold medalist / former NBA player Mike Silliman.

The Louisville Courier Journal even named it the best private school in the city in 2021.

The initial reports of the video hit local news on May 20, just five days after the school let out for graduation.

On May 21, the school released a statement on their website which also went out to families whose children attend the school and acknowledged the existence of the video and said action was being taken.

Though, it remains unclear as to what action has been taken.

“We have strict protocol for such situations that were immediately executed. After alerting authorities, an internal investigation, and parent-student meetings, we determined the actions seen in the video were in violation of our student handbook, and by Thursday morning student penalties were delivered,” the school’s president Paul Colistra wrote. “In such a clear violation of our school’s handbook, and values, swift action had to be taken. We will not disclose disciplinary matters. This matter is now in the hands of the proper authorities and outside the school’s jurisdiction.”

Colistra went on to condemn the video saying, “Saint Xavier High School condemns the actions of these few students. We have the highest standards for ourselves and our students that hold us accountable both on and off-campus, day and night, weekday or weekend.”

“Our brotherhood calls us to support and care for each other. Like you, we are all troubled and saddened by what happened. This is not part of our school culture, and our students can be assured of their safety on our campus,” he added.

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to St. Xavier High School for comment and has not heard back.

The school’s student handbook says that bullying and hazing may be punishable by suspension or expulsion, with sexual harassment also not tolerated, according to Louisville Courier Journal.

According to published reports, the alleged victim in the alleged incident was a minor and his name has not been released. Information on the other students has not been released.

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the Louisville Metro Police Department for comment and has not heard back.

The LMPD did respond to a Louisville Courier Journal request for updates on an investigation into the incident and LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell wrote in a Monday email the "case has been sent to the County Attorney’s Office."

The case is being investigated by the LMPD and Jefferson County Attorneys Office.

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the Jefferson County Court and County Attorneys offices for comment and has not heard back.

Jefferson County Attorney's Office spokesman Josh Abner did give a statement to the Louisville Courier Journal.

"We are not able to provide information about juvenile cases to the media," Abner said in an email to The Courier Journal.  "Even disclosing the existence of charges or an upcoming court date would constitute a de facto comment on the proceedings," Abner said, adding that would violate state law pertaining to the confidentiality of juvenile court proceedings.

The father of the alleged victim told The Louisville Courier Journal his family "will not be making any comment, public or otherwise."

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