Singing Doctor Welcomes Babies to the World With Sweet Tunes

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja has delivered thousands of babies, singing to each and every one.

For the last 40 years, this Pittsburgh OB-GYN has been greeting every baby he delivered with a song.

Dr. Cary Andrew-Jaja has delivered 8,000 babies and sings a special tune to each and every one of them as they exit their mom’s womb.

“When I'm singing to these babies, I think I’m singing to a future important person,” Andrew-Jaja said. “That’s the credit I give to all of them.”

Andrew-Jaja has even delivered multiple generations of babies.

Sometimes he welcomes babies with a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday.”

Other times, it’s a touching rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

The singing doctor officially retired at the end of last month, but his legacy will continue. The City of Pittsburgh declared every May 16 to be “Jaja Day” in honor of his dedication to his patients.