Single Mom Receives Life-Changing Gift of a Vehicle

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A single mom in Pennsylvania received a life-changing gift for her family: a brand new vehicle.

Jasmine, of Philadelphia, didn't have a car and was spending five hours a day on the bus getting her three children to the places they needed to go, until Midas stepped in. 

Through the company's initiative to help people in need, Project Spark, the mother was given a new SUV.

“Oh my God, this is so great,” Jasmine said during a video of the moment she received the keys to her new ride. “Thank you. Wow, I can't believe it.”

Jasmine said life hasn’t been easy.

“I break down at times and I cry, but I pray about it and I try to think about my kids and how I love them and what's best for them and that drives me to do what I need to do,” Jasmine said. 

Having a car will make life a lot less stressful for Jasmine, she said. She’ll be able to get a better job in a different area.

“I don't like to apply to farther jobs because I can't get there with my schedule with my kids," she said. 

A team of mechanics spent $2,000 fixing up the SUV, which was donated by 1-800-Charity Cars, an organization vehicles to those in need.


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