Siri Allegedly Responds With a List of Schools After Teen Says He's Planning a Mass Shooting: Cops

Siri responded when a teen said he was planning a school shooting.
Siri had a shocking response after a teen said he was planning a school shooting.(Getty)

The 13-year-old teen has been detained but deemed a non-credible threat, according to police.

Could Siri be an accidental accomplice in a potential school shooting?

Apple’s virtual assistant was said to have pulled up a list of nearby schools when an Indiana 13-year-old allegedly told Siri, “I am going to shoot up a school,” Valparaiso Police Department said.

The teen, who has been identified as a student of Chesterton Middle School, reportedly shared a screenshot of Siri’s response to his alarming statement on social media before being detained by local police.

Police determined that the teen was not a credible threat because they say he did not have access to weapons and did not make any direct threat to a person or school.

Authorities believed the student had shared the screenshot as a joke, but have detained him at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center as they take “these types of communications” very seriously, they said. 

He is currently being held on a charge of intimidation.

Apple has declined to comment. When prompted with the same statement, Siri now answers, "I don’t have a response to that."

The Chesterton Middle School said in a statement to that even though they believed the student was joking, they plan to work with law enforcement on determining disciplinary action. 

"Duneland School Corporation places the safety and well-being of our students as its highest priority.  We are thankful for the diligence in reporting on the part of both the student and parent who contacted CPD," the school said.