Skydiver Who Plummeted Thousands of Feet in England Escapes With 'Minor Scratches'

The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team said the skydiver "suffered only minor scratches and grazes" after the incident was caught on video.

A skydiving exhibition in England turned into a moment of sheer terror after a jumper lost control of their parachute. 

A harrowing video captured by a bystander in Eastbourne, England, shows the skydiver plummeting thousands of feet. 

The jumper is part of the Tigers Army Parachute Display Team and was taking part in an exhibition on Aug. 16, the team said. But while the other parachutists descend slowly, it was evident something had gone terribly wrong with one diver's parachute. 

In the video, the diver can be seen spiraling downward through the sky, and when they disappear below the treeline, bystanders fear the worst. 

But miraculously, the diver suffered only minor injuries, according to the Tigers Army team. 

"We are pleased to announce that the team member who landed to the eastern edge of the drop zone during yesterday’s Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow suffered only minor scratches and grazes," the team wrote on its Facebook page.

"We’d like to thank the local Police and St Johns Ambulance Service who coordinated a quick and effective response! Finally we would also like to thank the crowd for their concern and kind wishes. We are looking forward to providing more great displays over the weekend!" the team added.